ROWDYDOW bbQ has been a dream come true for founder Angela Keaveny. A “pinch yourself” kind of dream every day since “making it.” Angela’s “rowdydow” moment to start her own business came like a lightning bolt from above—inspired by sharing her family’s infamously delicious SOUTH-SATIONAL barbeque with the rest of the BBQ-lovin’ world.

ROWDYDOW’s roots began two generations ago in Virginia where Angela grew up eating the barbeque her dad always made and friends always asked for. Then in 2007, after being armed and inspired with nothing more than a handwritten recipe, she figured out how to make ROWDYDOW bbQ to sell to restaurants and sporting venues. Fast forward to 2014, Angela earned a major contract with Sodexo and a significant opportunity to proudly feed our military troops. These two opportunities were life-changing. Literally.

These achievements catapulted the company to grow by leaps and bounds, making the ROWDYDOW bbQ Protein Product Lineup available to all you chefs, buyers and distributors out there! Angela believes in being your partner in making a food experience everyone—restaurant guests, employees, patients, students, concert goers and travelers—can enjoy and love. And, she knows the unique set of challenges B2B foodservice professionals face to make this happen. That’s why we have two things in mind: making you profitably successful and your guests’ taste buds happy every time you serve up some ROWDYDOW bbQ!


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