Smoked Pulled Pork in Sweet Vinegar BBQ Sauce.
Smoked Pulled Pork in Sweet Vinegar BBQ Sauce.

SOLD OUT!! Smoked Pulled Pork In Sweet Vinegar BBQ Sauce

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You won’t find any tomato or ketchup around here! This is the BBQ Angela grew up eating and the inspiration for ROWDYDOW.

We first smoke whole Boston Pork Butts with a ¼ inch trim of fat for flavor that we hand-seasoned with our secret ROWDYDOW Rub. After the 12-hour smoke, we pull apart the Butt and add our signature Virginia-style vinegar-based BBQ sauce KISSED with a sweet southern sassy twist of goodness! And to boot, this pulled pork BBQ is over the top versatile!

Real Ingredients

Our Smokers

We use only traditional smokers, just like you do at home.

The Meat

Hand-crafted and small-batch smoked with only premium cuts of meat.

The Rub

The real secret is in the rub, with its origins dating back to 1985.

The Sauce

Our vinegar-based BBQ sauce is made with a kiss of sweet, tangy sass! No tomato or ketchup found ‘round here.