Chopped Brisket BBQ

A properly cooked brisket comes out of the smoker looking as if it has been burnt to a crisp, but don't be fooled—beneath that outer crust is juicy, tender, deliciously smoky meat. Whole choice brisket smoked for 14 hours, but first, we hand rub with our secret ROWDYDOW Rub then chop into small and large chunks for your ease and convenience – our most versatile brisket item!

Sliced Brisket BBQ

For a little slice of Heaven, we smoke the whole brisket and then carefully package up and mix slices from both the flat and point for a perfect combo. Easily add these heavenly slices to your favorite sandwich or biscuit for a BBQ Breakfast Biscuit!

Real Ingredients

Our Smokers

We use only traditional smokers, just like you do at home. Our smokers flavor the premium meats with smoldering smoke made from… Southern Prides and Ol Hickory Pits Then we pack it all up in nice convenient packaging so all you need to do is heat and eat!

The Meat

Handcrafted and Small batch smoked. We start with premium cuts of meats only Boston Pork Butts hand trimmed with a ¼ inch of fat marbling for flavor and Whole Choice Beef Brisket with the point and flat intact with 1/8” hand trim of fat.

The Rub

It was 1985 when ROWDYDOW’s official origin started! As in, the real secret is in the rub! According to legend, as my Dad told me his story, back in 1985 he discovered one last ingredient that made him say, ‘ok this is it, this is the ingredient I’ve been searching for’ and the rest is history!

The Sauce

What makes ROWDYDOW Virginia’s BBQ? Our vinegar-based BBQ sauce is made with a kiss of sweet, tangy sass! No tomato or ketchup found ‘round here. We’ve discovered the perfect ratio between meat and sauce to make this BBQ just right for mouthwatering, crave-worthy flavor in every bite!