ROWDYDOW is Virginia’s BBQ because its roots date back to the mid 1970s when Angela’s Dad, Brian P., caught the ‘BBQ Bug’ and fell in love with #BBQLife. Being a perfectionist himself, he was inspired by the art and science and heart & soul, dedication and integrity behind making authentic, delicious southern BBQ. He never cut corners then, and neither do we now. We take pride in BBQ meat naturally flavored by real smoke made from real wood logs and real fire, (never chips) sealed with a kiss of sweet southern tangy goodness to our vinegar based BBQ sauce. After all, Virginia is for Lovers, right?



BBQ BLD&E stands for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Entertaining!
We’re here as your ‘PitChef’ Kitchen Partner to MAKE IT ‘speed pit’ ready, so it’s authentic and easy for family and friends to EAT it, so yall can all then TALK about it!
ROWDYDOW BBQ is smoked and packaged to be PERFECTLY EASY and CONVENIENT for your CREATIVE BLD&E dishes/creations!
Listen UP! Please know that we’re not here to tell you exactly what ingredients and exactly how to serve up ROWDYDOW BBQ, instead we’re here like a girlfriend in the kitchen sharing ideas, having some laughs, talking about life and sharing stories over a nice cocktail. We’re here channeling/helping bring out the urban, suburban chic cowgirl we know is in you! So take our recipe ideas and run them – we know the basics around authentic BBQ tastes great, but we’re always looking for ideas and want to see/hear about your signature or on the fly creations – we know you have a kitchen full of delicious ingredients and or come from all kinds of interesting backgrounds to show us something NEW to share with the BBQ Lovin’ World! After all, we’re all here for that/it’s our mission in life.
Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.
Tired of the same ol same for family meals or entertaining? BBQ is Food Fun to Eat. So let’s have some FUN while eating FUN!